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What We Do

Pulmonary function tests A PFT is a group of tests used to measure how well your lungs are working. This is used to find out how much air you are able to breathe in and out, and how quickly. This test also measures the gas exchange happening in the lungs, hence measuring the function…supplementary to CAT scan and chest x-ray, which typically look at the structure of the lungs.
Sleep studies A sleep study measures your body’s activity while you sleep. Also known as a polysomnograph, this test can help to rule out a sleep disorder called obstructive sleep apnea.
• Home sleep study—monitors breathing, heart beat, body movements, snoring, oxygen levels during sleep (done at home)
• Lab-based sleep study—more detailed analysis including video recording and monitoring of brain waves
Stress tests Stress Test: This is a test that is used to identify changes in the heart rhythm or function when the heart is under stress. This requires a patient to either walk on a treadmill or receive an injection that will cause the heart to beat quickly. One of these tests may be ordered to investigate your symptoms:
• Stress EKG – more details
• Stress echocardiogram- more details
• Nuclear stress test – more details
Echo Echocardiogram: An echocardiogram (also called an echo) is a type of ultrasound test that uses high-pitched sound waves that are sent through a device called a transducer. The device picks up echoes of the sound waves as they bounce off the different parts of your heart. These echoes are turned into moving pictures of your heart that can be seen on a video screen.(CardioSmart)
• Transthoracic echocardiogram (TTE)
• Stress echocardiogram
• Transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE)
EKG Elctrocardiogram (EKG or ECG): This is a test that checks for problems with the electrical activity of your heart. An EKG translates the heart’s electric activity into line tracings on paper. The spikes and dips in the line tracings are called waves. A natural electrical system causes the heart muscles to contract and pump blood to the rest of the body. (CardioSmart)
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABP): This test requires a patient to take home a machine that measures blood pressure at regular intervals over the course of 24 hours. This is often ordered to rule out white coat hypertension, the presence of elevated blood pressure in a exclusively in a clinical setting to due nervousness
Holter monitor Holter Monitor: A holter monitor records the electrical activity over the course of 24 hours. This requires a patient to take home a machine and continue with their regular daily activities. It is used to investigate symptoms of dizziness and palpitations.
Vascular Doppler Vascular Doppler: A vascular Doppler is a type of ultrasound that helps to identify blockages and ensure proper blood flow through the blood vessels of the arms and legs.